How to fix the ‘Printer Not Responding’ Error on Mac

My Printer Not Responding on MAC


Do you have a printer at home that you want to connect to your MAC, but unable to accomplish this task? If yes, then it is a prevalently seen error message that display on Apple computers featuring Mac OS X, emphasizes a pop up stating that the printer is not responding to printing inquiries. If you are making immense efforts to eradicate the “printer is not responding MAC” issue while using a multifunction printer, then you need to follow steps that are provided below to fix the error.


Solution Steps to fix Printer not responding on MAC


If the Printer Is Connected Over a Wi-Fi Network


  • Switch off the printer, wait for half or a minute, and then switch it back on.
  • In case “the printer is not responding Mac” error continues to display in spite of resurrecting the compatible printer, then apply the setting on the OS that is mentioned below:


  1. Click on the Apple drop-down menu, ND select System Preferences.
  2. From the division named as Hardware, choose Print and Fax.
  3. Click on the Plus mark, and highlight the printer in the Bonjour
  4. Subsequently, click on Add.


If a USB Cable Is Utilised For Printer-PC Connection


If you are making use of a USB cable to attach the printer and Mac PC, make sure that it is firmly linked to either port. Additionally, ensure that USB 2.0 cable is utilized for this and that the distance from the computer to printer is less than 6 feet. If an error still displays despite confirming this, try these steps:


  • Make sure the cable is connected firmly to a USB port.
  • From the Apple drop-down, select System Preferences.
  • From the Hardware section, as before, pick Print and Fax.
  • Link the USB cable’s other end to the computer.
  • When the Mac becomes aware of the printer, the latter will show up in the list of printers. Else, reconnect the cable to another open USB port on the computer.


If MAC can’t find a printer on a wireless network, then you can take the expert help by calling the customer support number hassle-free.


HP printer air print not working


If hp printer air print not working, then restart the printer and Apple iOS device, and then ensure they are linked to an alike network. Bring the printer nearer to the wireless router. Ensure your router is set at 2.4 GHz.


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