HP Scan to Computer- How to use in HP Printers?

HP Scan to Computer- How to use in HP Printers


HP printer has various kind of options from printing to copying, scanning and faxing. Scanners can promptly read any kind of 2d image photographs and document. After scanning the image, you can directly send it your desktop or any of the device that is connected to the printer. For the use of Hp Scan to Computer, you have to install the software first in your respective system.


Steps which are useful to directly start the scanning process.


Process of Hp Scan to Computer


– Turn on the printer, load A4 paper in the input tray and make sure the ink and the toner cartridge is properly installed.

– Put your document on the scanner glass, or if your printer has the ADF (automatic document feeder) then load the paper in it.

– Go to HP scan in your computer to install the required app from the Microsoft store.

– After installation simply launches the app.

– Click on the menu button then open the settings option

– Select the device and choose your HP printer.

– If you want to change in any option of photo or document then you can change in settings otherwise click back arrow.

– Click on the setting menu outside then click on capture document or capture image.

– After completing the scanning process click on the save icon.

– Click on Save as windows to view the save item in the folder


Hopefully, these simple steps help you to learn how to Hp Scan to Computer.


These processes can be used to scan the images, any kind of documents and drawings. On the other hand, you still find any kind of difficulty in the setup of printer you can call on the Hp Printer Support Number. They will resolve your problem or any technical issue asap. So, don’t make any further delay and get technical support.