HP is one of the leading tech brands in the world that manufacturers world-class printers. Packed with multi-functional features and latest technologies, the printers of this behemoth can provide fast prints without compromising the quality and lightning speed scanning.


HP printer is not scanning
HP printer is not scanning


There is no denying the fact that HP is a global leader in the printer market. However, like any other gadgets, its printers also have certain technical issues which make the users pull their hair out. One such common issue that needs immediate attention is the HP scanner not working on Computers and Laptops. Here, we have mentioned some troubleshooting guides that can help you in fixing the issue all by yourself. So let us get started.


Reasons for the occurrence of the issue

  • If the HP printer is not connected to the system, the user won’t be able to scan anything from their system. So, make sure that all the wires are properly plugged in.
  • There could be a connection issue in the printer that could result in this issue.
  • If there is a problem in the software of the printer which is installed in the system.


How to fix HP printers not scanning issue


  • Firstly, check whether the scanner of the printer is activated or not. For this, you can try activating the scanning part of your printer and resolve the time in no time.
  • After you have been enabled the scanning feature of your printer, then you need to open the HP scan software which allows the users to scan documents in no time.
  • While you are enabling the scanning software, make sure that you have disabled all other programs which are running in the background.
  • The reason for doing this is that it allows the system to function more smoothly and there will be no interruption while the scanning is on the process.


Hopefully, all the steps mentioned above will help you in resolving the scanner issue on your HP printers.  If your HP scanner is not working on mac, then you can try following the same steps as mentioned above. However, if you are still not able to fix the issue, then you can take the customer service help.


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