How to connect HP printer to PC?

How to connect HP printer to PC?

Connecting your PC to a printer has gotten simpler than ever as we progress into the period of innovation; however, it appears like the number, colors, sizes, and complexity of all the wiring can get lost in translation. In any event, when you think you have the hang of associating guide A toward point B, it takes significantly more than just connecting and out to convey the correct outcomes. How to connect HP printer to PC is not a big deal. Users can easily connect the HP printer to the PC.


How to connect HP printer to pc via wifi

In our digital age, printing comes in two forms – wired and wireless. We will walk you through how to connect hp printer to pc via wifi, or windows 10.

The method to introduce a remote printer may vary by manufacturer. However, new printers today will detect your system and robotize the setup.

  • Utilize the printer’s LCD board to enter the wifi setup. On HP printer this is under setup > wireless LAN settings.
  • Select your Wi-Fi system. You’ll have to know your home system’s SSID, which you can discover by floating your mouse over the Wi-Fi symbol in the taskbar.
  • Enter your system password.

Although, you may need to incidentally connect your printer to your PC through USB to install programming. Yet, something else, that is it. You should discover your printer consequently included the printers and scanners segment under Settings > Devices. If you run into trouble, ensure your printer is moderately near your PC and not very a long way from your wireless switch.


How to connect hp printer to PC Windows 10?

  •  Go to the start menu. Select Properties to see which version of Windows is running on your computer.
  • Add a printer from the device menu. Choose the HP printer you need to add. Windows 10 or later versions are good for installing printers.
  • In the other window, you can pick whether you need to choose an existing port or you need to make another one.
  • There are different ways by which you can introduce the driver for your printer. If your printer is made by a well-known producer, you simply need to choose from the accessible models and the framework will introduce the right (printer) drivers for you. Although, these devices are provided with an installation disk, so you can introduce the driver from it. If you don’t have an installation disk, you can scan for the driver on online.

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Do you want to know how you can connect printer to computer wireless hassle-free? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Read this blog thoroughly and explore the relevant answer. Here you will get to know how you can link a wired Hp printer with your windows. Just follow these instructions and connect your device to your desktop. On the other hand, if you have any trouble regarding connections, then feel free to contact customer support number. The representatives will be ready to assist you with the relevant solution.


Follow these Crucial Steps to Connect Wired Hp Printer on Windows


Step 1

Keep the hp printer near to your desktop: Ensure your hp printer is quite near or feasibly near to the desktop so that wire can conveniently reach to it without struggling with any strains.

Step 2

Now Switch on Your Hp Printer: Turn on the power button of the printer. Before this, you must make sure that is plugged appropriately on the power source.

Step 3

Plug the Hp printer with your desktop by using the help of USB Cable: Often, simply plugging with the desktop can set the up the printer and prepare it ready for use.

Step 4

Press Start Button on Windows: Else, you can open start. For that, you have to select the extreme bottom left logo shown on the screen.

Step 5

Select Settings Button: This button is found in the lower left side of your Window.

Step 6

Press on Devices Button: After that, press on the button devices. This icon is available on the top side of the Settings Window.

Step 7

Click on Printers & Scanners Button: This icon will show on the left side of your window.

Step 8

Press on Add a printer or scanner Button: This button will be found at the top of the page.

Step 9

Click on the Printer’s name and select Add device icon: Doing this will let you know about the producer of your printer. If you are unable to find or view the name of your printer, then click on the button Add a printer or scanner and follow all the steps that will show on your screen.

Step 10

Follow all the steps available on-screen: Perhaps it is obligatory to modify your settings beforehand making your hp printer ready for processing. Therefore, follow all the on-screen necessary steps. After the completion of every step, it is ready to use. However, if you are unable to connect hp desk jet printer to wifi even after following all the guidance, then you can call on the customer service number. The representative equips you with the best solution.


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Technologies have made our work much easier whether you have to send your email or the way of connecting a printer to computer wireless. All can be done in a fraction of minute. Though it is a quite easier task yet those who are amateur on the computer device often find difficulties in connecting printer to their computer. If you want to make hp wireless printer setup with your personal computer, then read this blog. Here, we will discuss how you can do the connection without any hassle.


Follow Steps for connecting HP Printer to computer Wireless


Step1: Before connecting Printer to the computer make your internet connection is perfect. If you have any issues in the internet connection, then you can’t connect the printer with your computer.

Step2: After that, you have to connect the printer with your home network. For instance, if you are connecting a wireless printer, then you have to use the display screen of a printer to connect hp printer to Wi-Fi. Here, you have to select the name of wireless SSID and enter the secured password.


hp printer not connecting to wifi
hp printer not connecting to wifi


Step3: Once you have installed your printer, it’s time to connect with your computer. For that, follow these points.


– Open up the Control Panel. Here you have to click on the Start menu. Window 8 users can click on the button of Window and then type “Control Panel” from their keyboard.

– Here to select the icon named “Devices and Printers” or you can also select “View devices and printer” (with this you can view every device which is on the network)

– Select the option “Add a Printer”. And then after adding a network. It will be written on them wireless or Bluetooth printer. Choose the one which you are using. However, those who are window 8 users, they do not have to select anything.

– Select your Hp Printer which is present on the list.


Step4: Now, the printer is installed on your network, you can connect with your computer. The direct connection of your personal computer has been done with your hp printer.


These are the steps you can follow for making a connection. If you still getting any difficulty while making a connection, then hire outlook technical helpline. Their professionals will sort out your issues without making any delay.


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Many people believe that HP printers provide great printing quality. However, many people end up dialing +1-855-219-8503 to contact HP support on knowing how they can connect their printer with Mac OS. Without a doubt, Mac OS comes with innumerable features which no other operating systems provide. However, adding more features to anything means more complications while using the same.


If you have just got yourself a new wireless printer, then you must be wondering how you can connect wireless printer to Mac. Here is the step by step guide on establishing a connection of Mac with a printer.




Step 1:

Before you begin with the process, you have to make sure that both Mac and the printer are connected with the same wireless network. Moreover, you should eliminate all the USB as well as ethernet connections from the printer.


Step 2:

The first thing that you need to do to add a wireless printer to Mac is to add HP driver. In order to do so, you have to visit in your browser. Once the page is loaded, you have to enter your device model, select the printer and hit the begin button. Now click on the Download button to download the driver.


Step 3:

Once the download is complete, you need to head over to the directory where you have downloaded the driver and open the xxx.dmg file. It will open the installer window where you need to double click on HP Inkjet SW OSX. Now all you need to do is follow the instructions and the driver will be installed in no time.




Step 4:

After the successful driver installation, you will see an HP Utility software on your screen. In the same window, you have to click on the name of your printer and hit the Continue button. Now you need to click on the Yes, keep these settings button to select the network.


Step 5:

Afterwards, you have to allow your printer’s access to the Wi-Fi network in Mac. You will then see a Configuration Results screen where you only need to hit the Continue button.


Step 6:

In this step, you need to click on the Add Printer button and click on your printer’s name. Keep in mind that Bonjour is listed under the Kind section in front of your printer.




Step 7:

Now open the Use tab to select the name of your printer and hit on the Add button. Click on the Continue button and hit Done button which will successfully add your printer to Mac. Even though many people may find the process to connect wireless printer to Mac troublesome, but the process is fairly easy. All you have to do is follow these steps and you will not face any trouble while using it. In case you fail to add the printer, you can anytime dial +1-855-219-8503 to seek professional help.


Useful Links: HP Technical Help Number | HP Printer Technical Support Number