HP Printer not printing

My HP Printer not printing, duh! However, it was printing thirty minutes back! For which reason is it not printing now? On the off chance that this is the thing that strikes a mind when your HP printer instantly quits printing, this article is for you. Since you will quickly make a move to fix this issue, anyway how you will do it is the issue.

HP printer not printing color

As we all know HP printers are come with a variety of printers and we use it for different purposes. They can be utilized to print quality images, check things, print documents and print content and pictures in dark or in shading. In case if you find that your HP printer not printing color properly, the issue might be as basic as the color cartridge is out of ink. Notwithstanding, if your cartridge isn’t unfilled, the issue might be more hard to make sense of.

HP printer not printing black 

Solution to fix when your HP printer not printing black or color problem i.e.-

Solution 1: Printer setting

Examine the printer setting with the help of below methods-

  • Firstly, go to the print option on your computer system.
  • After that, check the color choice under the ink shading segment
  • Presently, take a printout from your printer to check whether the printed paper is in the correct color or not

Proceed with the following answered fix HP printer not printing black if yet your printer has a similar issue.

Solution 2: Make sure the printer is set to color

If your Hp printer is not set to color or black then follow the below steps-

  • To start with, you are expected to open the Control Panel on your PC.
  • Next, pick the printer and scanner choice.
  • Presently, select the HP Printer from the rundown and open its properties.
  • Check whether the non-color isn’t checked.
  • Give an un-check to this alternative if there is a check mark.

Solution 3: Clean printer head-

  • Clean the printer print heads by investigating them.
  • Press and hold down the “power” button and simultaneously press the “continue” button multiple times.
  • Discharge power button and the printer will begin cleaning print heads in a mellow wash.
  • Print out your archive once more. On the off chance that the issue despite everything exists, at that point rehash above advances yet as opposed to squeezing the “resume” button multiple times presently press it for multiple times for increasingly moderate cleaning.

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