As more and more printers are coming into the market, it has become much easier to print wirelessly. But the seamless and easy to conduct task to connect HP printer to a laptop could be challenging for native users. Thus, we have come up with the step by step process to connect your new HP printer to the laptop wirelessly. In case if you still face any issues regarding the set-up process then, you can directly dial HP customer support number +1-855-219-8503 for immediate help.

Ways to set up your printer to the laptop wirelessly

There are generally three ways to connect your HP printer to the laptop:

•    Printing through the network printer.

•    Sharing the printer between window laptops and computers.

•    Sharing a printer between Mac laptops and computers.

In this blog, we will explain the first way of connecting an HP printer to laptop and printing through the network printer.

Printing through the network printer

Step 1: Connect your printer to the home network

The process of connecting to the home network differ from one laptop to another. As you are using HP printer you can connect wirelessly. To do this, you will need to connect with the wireless network. You have to select your SSID (network name) and enter the password in case if it is protected. You can take reference from experts. All you have to do is a ring at the HP customer service number +1-855-219-8503.

Step 2: Connect to the network printer

Once you have successfully installed your HP printer on the network the very next thing you need to do is connect it to your laptop. These instructions work for all versions of window laptops and computers.

  • Open up the control panel through the star menu. Those who are using window 8 can press the window key and type “control panel” to directly access it.
  • Click on the devices and printers.
  • Click on “add the printer”
  • If you are not a window 8 user then, you may need to select “add the network, Bluetooth or Wireless printer”.
  • Select your HP printer from the available list. After this, just follow the prompts to install the drivers.

Step 3: Start printing from your newly-installed printer

Once the new HP printer has been successfully added to the operating system of your laptop, you can start printing anything you want. However, if you are facing difficulties while connecting your HP printer to your laptop then you can contact the professionals at the customer support number+1-855-219-8503. They will assist you through the entire process again.