Technologies have made our work much easier whether you have to send your email or the way of connecting a printer to computer wireless. All can be done in a fraction of minute. Though it is a quite easier task yet those who are amateur on the computer device often find difficulties in connecting printer to their computer. If you want to make hp wireless printer setup with your personal computer, then read this blog. Here, we will discuss how you can do the connection without any hassle.


Follow Steps for connecting HP Printer to computer Wireless


Step1: Before connecting Printer to the computer make your internet connection is perfect. If you have any issues in the internet connection, then you can’t connect the printer with your computer.

Step2: After that, you have to connect the printer with your home network. For instance, if you are connecting a wireless printer, then you have to use the display screen of a printer to connect hp printer to Wi-Fi. Here, you have to select the name of wireless SSID and enter the secured password.


hp printer not connecting to wifi
hp printer not connecting to wifi


Step3: Once you have installed your printer, it’s time to connect with your computer. For that, follow these points.


– Open up the Control Panel. Here you have to click on the Start menu. Window 8 users can click on the button of Window and then type “Control Panel” from their keyboard.

– Here to select the icon named “Devices and Printers” or you can also select “View devices and printer” (with this you can view every device which is on the network)

– Select the option “Add a Printer”. And then after adding a network. It will be written on them wireless or Bluetooth printer. Choose the one which you are using. However, those who are window 8 users, they do not have to select anything.

– Select your Hp Printer which is present on the list.


Step4: Now, the printer is installed on your network, you can connect with your computer. The direct connection of your personal computer has been done with your hp printer.


These are the steps you can follow for making a connection. If you still getting any difficulty while making a connection, then hire outlook technical helpline. Their professionals will sort out your issues without making any delay.


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