How to reset HP printer password?

How to reset your HP printer password?


Here we will show you the simple guide to reset your forgotten hp printer password even you can also find out here helpline for other kinds of problems occurs in HP Printer.


HP printer is one of the most trusted brands used by the billions of users all over the world. HP printer is available in multiple ranges and one can choose any model as per their printing requirements. HP printer is highly famous for its best in class printing features that make it the most useful brand for use. But sometimes many situations come when users confront the problem to reset HP printer password.


Follow the below steps to reset HP printer password:


– First of all, go to the home screen on your HP printer.

– Now press the Right Arrow button and then choose Setup option.

– Now choose the Network submenu and then scroll down to choose Restore Network Defaults.

– Choose Yes to confirm the action.

– Go to the Control Panel.

– Click on Devices and Printers.

– Now right-click on your HP printer icon.

– Click on Properties and then click on “Password” section.

– Now enter a new password for your HP printer and then click on “Save” changes tab.


In this simple way, HP printer password reset process can be smoothly done and if you are still not able to reset your password, then you can contact to the skilled customer support team where you can get the relevant solutions to reset your HP printer password and other queries in a very effective manner.


What is HP printer default password?


The default password of every HP printer would be an admin or it may also blank sometimes. There are lots of other options to login to HP printer that you have to know. You can go through the below list of some HP printer default password that can help to log in to your HP printer.


List of some HP login credentials:

– Admin/ isee.

– Admin/password.

– None/none.

– Root/root.

– Admin/

– Admin/admin.


In case you are not able to find your HP printer default password with these above tips, then you can contact with the printer support team and get the valuable assistance to resolve the multiple issues. You can either make a phone call or get chat support to get this 24/7 assistance.


Useful Links: HP Printer Technical Support Number | HP Printer Technical Support Number USA | HP Technical Help Number | HP Printer Support Number | HP Printer Support Number USA


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HP Scan to Computer- How to use in HP Printers?

HP Scan to Computer- How to use in HP Printers


HP printer has various kind of options from printing to copying, scanning and faxing. Scanners can promptly read any kind of 2d image photographs and document. After scanning the image, you can directly send it your desktop or any of the device that is connected to the printer. For the use of Hp Scan to Computer, you have to install the software first in your respective system.


Steps which are useful to directly start the scanning process.


Process of Hp Scan to Computer


– Turn on the printer, load A4 paper in the input tray and make sure the ink and the toner cartridge is properly installed.

– Put your document on the scanner glass, or if your printer has the ADF (automatic document feeder) then load the paper in it.

– Go to HP scan in your computer to install the required app from the Microsoft store.

– After installation simply launches the app.

– Click on the menu button then open the settings option

– Select the device and choose your HP printer.

– If you want to change in any option of photo or document then you can change in settings otherwise click back arrow.

– Click on the setting menu outside then click on capture document or capture image.

– After completing the scanning process click on the save icon.

– Click on Save as windows to view the save item in the folder


Hopefully, these simple steps help you to learn how to Hp Scan to Computer.


These processes can be used to scan the images, any kind of documents and drawings. On the other hand, you still find any kind of difficulty in the setup of printer you can call on the Hp Printer Support Number. They will resolve your problem or any technical issue asap. So, don’t make any further delay and get technical support.



HP ENVY 5530 Printers Wireless Setup on Mac

HP ENVY 5530 Printers Wireless Setup on Mac


To create HP ENVY 5530 printer wireless setup on MAC your printer should be connected to the local wireless network. After the connection to the printer must have to install the genuine drivers for the website of HP. meanwhile, installation of drivers your connection type must be wireless. While facing any kind of trouble during setup you can call us to Hp Help Number for your convenience.


Follow steps which can help you to set up HP Printer wireless on MAC (HP ENVY 5530)


Firstly, you have to prepare for the installation.

Before starting the installation process of HP wireless printer setup gathers all items in the order.

Setup the network name to the service set identifier (SSID).

Network password is to be set up with WPA security passphrase or WEP security.

MAC system should be connected with the wireless network.

Stable internet access is required like broadband access such as cable or DSL

Computer, printer, and router should have to be turned on & printer and computer should be on the same network.

Remove all the cables from the printer like USB and ethernet cable.


How to set up the HP ENVY 5530 printer wireless to the network


HP provides an easy way to set up their wireless printer connection.

Switch on the printer.

Touch the wireless icon on the control panel of the printer, now the wireless option will display on the screen of the printer.

Click on setting and afterward click wireless setup wizard.

– Follow the simple instructions on the screen of control panel used to make a connection between both the printer and the wireless network system.

Download and installation of the driver of the printer. is used to download and the installation of the updated version of the driver for your printer.

You have to enter the printer model no. and press enter.

Choose the option of your printer in the options list of printers and start to begin.

Click on download to start the downloading of the required driver software.

After the download gets completed, move to the download folder and make the search for the file name xxxx.dmg to launch the installation.

Twice click on the HP Inkjet SW.

Simply follow the instruction to complete the process of installation.

Installation software should be closed when appeared.

HP utility opens. Choose your printer from the list and click to continue.

Click on add printer after it adds option displays.

Tap on your printer name.

Click on that printer that has Bonjour list.

Use the menu or print option and search the name of your printer in the drop-down list.

Click on add to add the printer in the list of printers.

Simply click on continue to add the printer in the installation window.

Click on the finish on simple on-screen instruction to set up the printer.


Given above are some of the easy steps for Hp Wireless Printer Setup on Mac. For further details and troubleshooting, you can contact us to HP help number.



When you need to Call HP Support At +1-855-219-8503?

HP Customer Support Number For Problem Troubleshooting


There are some certain situations in your life when you feel helpless and not being able to resolve HP Printer issues are just one of them. It could be anything from not connecting to Wi-Fi to not printing. There can be various reasons behind these issues and resolving them one by one is not a solution. So, rather than implementing DIY solutions it is better to let the experts handle the situations by contacting them via HP Customer Support Number +1-855-219-8503. Here are some of the most common situations where you need to call for your HP saviors


Situations when it is beneficial to contact HP Support Service Toll-Free Number


1. You don’t know how to print with a new printer


The latest computers and laptops come with the different setting which can make it little complicated to connect and print with a new HP printer. Although you can always visit Google to get a solution in the form of the blog post, there are chances that it may not contain the information you need to resolve the connection issues with your printer model. So, rather than wasting both your time and efforts, it is highly suggested to ring at HP TollFree Number +1-855-219-8503 and acquire HP support service. The experts on the other side will assist with your entire process without any problem and you can clarify whatever doubts you have.


2. Your HP printer has stopped printing


Printer not printing is one of the most common issues faced by young users. There are several reasons behind this issue including failure of configuration, connectivity issues, faulty drivers and more. You can resolve this issue through the following methods: –


– Basic troubleshoot

– Update printer driver

– Set the printer on default mode

– Cancel all the printing options

– Check the status of the printer


Moreover, even after implementing the above methods if you still face any issues, then it will be better to reach the experts through HP Customer Care Number.


3. Your wireless printer is not connecting to window


It looks troublesome if you fail to connect your HP printer to the window. Of course, during such a situation, you need a savior to resolve the issue and that savior can be the HP experts who work with dedication to deliver premium quality support services to HP customers. They understand that situations like this can be frustrating for customers. Therefore, they explain each step with the utmost patience to make sure the customers can comprehend and execute the step to resolve the issue. In addition, their support desk remains all day and night so, customers can access their HP Customer Service anytime from anywhere.

If you are facing any of the above issues, then reach out to HP customer support without any hesitation.


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How to Use Scan System in HP Printers?

How to Scan Document or file in HP Printer or How to use Scan in Hp Printers


HP printer has multiple options from the scan, fax to print and copy. Any kind of 2d image can be easily read by the scanner like a photo of any document or any image or drawing that you can easily send it to your desktop or the respective device that you are using. HP software must have to be installed on the system while using the HP Scan to computer.


HP Scan to Computer


Steps that Must Follow for HP Scan to computer


Follow these steps below to explore how to use scan in Hp Printers


Some of the easy steps are mention below which can make the hectic process of scan easy to you in just simple steps.


– Just switch on the printer, load some A3 or A4 plain paper in the input tray of your printer or just check the ink or toner cartridge is properly installed or not.

– Place the document on the scanner glass that you want to get a scan or if your printer has automatic document feeder (ADF) then load the document in it properly

– Install the app of Hp Scan to Computer from Microsoft office in your computer system.

– Simply launch the app after finishing the installation

– Open settings by clicking the menu item.

– Click the Select device to choose Hp Printer

– Click on the document scan option or photo scan option. If you want to change in any settings then click on the back arrow.

– Click on the outer setting option then capture photo or capture document.

– After the scanning process is done click on the save icon.

Now, the document that has been scanned will open in your scan folder in your computer system.


These are the simple steps of scanning photos, documents, images and the other various important documents that you can get scanned easily by just one click that make your daily routine work easy with Hp Printer. Or if you deal with kind of problem just dial with the Hp Printer support number once. Ensure you to deal with any of your problems or resolve it asap.


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How to Connect an HP Wireless Printer with Windows 10

Configuration step to connect HP wireless printer with windows 10


Doesn’t it happened with you that you quickly need to print a document but your printer is not able to print out. Of course, it looks frustrating when you are not able to connect a Hp wireless printer with windows 10. Want to know how to get rid of this problem? Then read this blog. Here we will discuss how to connect HP Printer within the window. Just follow these steps and get your solution.


For connecting HP Printer with Windows 10, make sure you are following these crucial steps:


  • How to connect your printer to the WINDOWS 10
  • WINDOWS is unable to find HP WIRELESS PRINTER
  • Set your printer as DEFAULT to your SYSTEM


How to setup/connect your printer to the WINDOWS 10

Step1: you have to open windows search by clicking WINDOWS KEY+Q

Step 2: write “PRINTER”

Step 3: click on printer and scanners

Step 4: power on the HP WIRELESS PRINTER

Step 5: connect it to WIFI network manually, lamentably this process varies printer to printer

Step 6: click on add a printer or scanner

Step 7: choose the option of a printer from the options

Step 8: now select the option of add device on your computer system


Now you can easily get the prints of your important documents, photos, memories, just a click away from HP WIRELESS PRINTER. This process can also be used for wired printers just plug in the cable and start following the above instructions. Hope by elaborating all these steps to set up an HP WIRELESS PRINTER will help you and make your work experience with HP an easy job. if there are still any doubts regarding the setup of your device then contact HP Printer customer support number for further issues.


Windows is unable to find HP Wireless Printer


Sometimes windows are not able to find your printer don’t worry, this issue can be easily sorted by connecting the printer to windows 10 manually. Just by following these easy steps.


  • You have to open windows search by clicking WINDOWS KEY+Q
  • Write “PRINTER”
  • Click on printer and scanners
  • Click on add a printer or scanner
  • Click on the printer that you want or isn’t listed one
  • Choose the option of add a Bluetooth, wireless or network discoverable printer.
  • Select the option to connect a printer

Even if you aren’t’ able to find your printer, make sure both the devices are switched on and on the same local network


Set your printer as DEFAULT to your SYSTEM


Windows will automatically attempt to select the default printer by using most recently and connected networks. The operating system can easily choose which printer is to be used while switching the networks


  • You have to open windows search by clicking WINDOWS KEY+Q
  • Write “PRINTER”
  • Click on printer and scanners
  • Switch off the option of “let windows manage my default printer”
  • Choose your default HP WIRELESS PRINTER from the listed printer.
  • Select the option of manage.
  • Set it as default


For a happy and convenient experience with a hp wireless printer any kind of troubleshooting you can contact our technical support team.



Guide To Resolve the Print Quality Issue in HP Officejet Pro 8615

HP Officejet pro 8615 Printer not working


If you are not completely satisfied with the delivered print quality of your HP Officejet pro 8615, then dial this number +1-855-219-8503. The customer service professionals on this number can help you out with HP Officejet Pro 8615 stopped working problem. Well, there could be many possible reasons that raise the issue of printing quality in this model of HP printer. We would further discuss these not working issues one by one with the most effective solution to fix them.


Method to Resolve HP Printer Not Working Problem


HP Printer not working properly, then follow these steps:


Solution 1: It is advisable that you must use genuine and original HP inks or toner supplies for printing. If you are not using authentic cartridges, then it might create printing issues in your Officejet printer.


Solution 2: If you have newly installed a cartridge in your printer then you must wait for a moment for automating services to complete. Plus, it is also important to ensure that the paper that you are using is suitable for the printer.


The paper should be loaded print side down in the printer tray.

Do not use curled and wrinkled paper.

You must use the appropriate and correct paper.


Solution 3: If your printer is not working properly, then check the printer setting. It should be appropriate according to the print command.


Solution 4: When the ink levels get too low, the printers stops working. Therefore, you must check the estimated ink levels by click on the ink level indicator icon. If they are low then replace the depleted cartridge with the new one. If the problem still resists then follow the next step.


Solution 5: You must try printing the print quality diagnostic page to identify the problem. Examine it carefully. If it displays dark lines then try aligning the printhead using an automated tool. You can also use this automated tool to clean them.


Solution 6: Once you have performed all the above-mentioned steps and the printing quality is still bad, then you can go to Contact HP customer support where you can schedule your appointment with a technical agent.


Moreover, you can use another alternative as well where you can take assistance from any third-party service provider. One of the most renowned websites is HP Technical Help Number that can perfectly sort out all the glitches in your printer.



HP Officejet pro 8610 not printing Wireless

Troubleshooting For HP Officejet Prop 8610 Not Printing Wireless


Every other person most often come up with a common problem, “my hp office jet pro 8610 is not printing wireless”. If you are the one who is saying the same word, then call at + 1-855-219-8503 to resolve the issue. However, you can also follow some steps and eradicate this issue. Wanted to know, how? Then, read this write-up and get all your queries answered related to HP Officejet pro 8610 not working.


Steps You Must Follow When Finding Issue in HP Officejet Pro 8610 working: 


Step 1: First of all, set up a static IP for the printer.


Step 2: Then, open the HP Officejet Pro 8610 software and then select the Printer Home Page, that is EWS option.


Step 3: From that shown page, you have to go to Network. Here you have to select IPv4 and then choose Manual IP.


Step 4: Click the suggest manual IP button and save the changes. Plus, make sure you will take a note of the listed IP address.


*Note: However, it may possible that you will get an invalid input error. If so, then click at the ALT button which is present within the printer homepage. Click the top Tools menu of the browser and then select compatibility view settings. Here, you have to click on add and confirm the option, and re-follow all these steps.


Step 5: Next, you have to update IP from the HP Software for any of your using PC from the software and then click at utility tab and update the IP Address along with the current password and confirm on saved changes.


Step 6: Finally, on your Window 8, open up the control panel and select devices and Printers.


Step 7: Now, you just have to click on the printer & select Printer properties. Lastly, within the port tab, you have to make a new port by selecting standard TCP/IP.


Just follow all these steps and rectify the issue. However, if you are still not able to fix the error, even after following these steps. Then, ring at + 1-855-219-8503. There highly professional expert fix the problem in a short interval of time.


Source link: HP Technical Help Number | HP Printer Support Number



How to fix the ‘Printer Not Responding’ Error on Mac

My Printer Not Responding on MAC


Do you have a printer at home that you want to connect to your MAC, but unable to accomplish this task? If yes, then it is a prevalently seen error message that display on Apple computers featuring Mac OS X, emphasizes a pop up stating that the printer is not responding to printing inquiries. If you are making immense efforts to eradicate the “printer is not responding MAC” issue while using a multifunction printer, then you need to follow steps that are provided below to fix the error.


Solution Steps to fix Printer not responding on MAC


If the Printer Is Connected Over a Wi-Fi Network


  • Switch off the printer, wait for half or a minute, and then switch it back on.
  • In case “the printer is not responding Mac” error continues to display in spite of resurrecting the compatible printer, then apply the setting on the OS that is mentioned below:


  1. Click on the Apple drop-down menu, ND select System Preferences.
  2. From the division named as Hardware, choose Print and Fax.
  3. Click on the Plus mark, and highlight the printer in the Bonjour
  4. Subsequently, click on Add.


If a USB Cable Is Utilised For Printer-PC Connection


If you are making use of a USB cable to attach the printer and Mac PC, make sure that it is firmly linked to either port. Additionally, ensure that USB 2.0 cable is utilized for this and that the distance from the computer to printer is less than 6 feet. If an error still displays despite confirming this, try these steps:


  • Make sure the cable is connected firmly to a USB port.
  • From the Apple drop-down, select System Preferences.
  • From the Hardware section, as before, pick Print and Fax.
  • Link the USB cable’s other end to the computer.
  • When the Mac becomes aware of the printer, the latter will show up in the list of printers. Else, reconnect the cable to another open USB port on the computer.


If MAC can’t find a printer on a wireless network, then you can take the expert help by calling the customer support number hassle-free.


HP printer air print not working


If hp printer air print not working, then restart the printer and Apple iOS device, and then ensure they are linked to an alike network. Bring the printer nearer to the wireless router. Ensure your router is set at 2.4 GHz.


Useful Links: HP Technical Help Number | HP Printer Technical Support Number



How to find WPS Pin on HP Printer

How Can I find or Setup WPS Pin On Hp Printer Step Wise Guide


Once you have successfully installed the drivers of HP printer in your computer, then it might be asking you to find “WPS Pin” for the wireless connection? Finding WPS Pin is the most common issue that arises while connecting your printer with your system. Well, there are some simple steps that you should follow to fix this problem. First, you must understand that WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup” and it is used for making the connection between wireless printer, router, and other devices.
The HP printers come with two types of WPS connections and they are mentioned below:


Connect your HP Printer using WPS button


WPS Button: If you are trying to connect your HP Printer using WPS button then follow these simple steps:



Step 1: The control panel of the HP printer has a separate wireless button or setting button. Just simply press it. (The blue light will start blinking)


Step 2: Click on the option Wi-Fi protected setup and follow the instructions on the print screen.


Step 3: Now select the “WPS button” and your printer will notify you to press the WPS button on the wireless router. Go to the printer and just click continue for establishing a wireless connection. After following these steps your printer is ready for the use.

Connect the HP printer using the WPS pin


WPS Pin: We would now discuss the instruction to connect the HP printer using the WPS pin. Just follow these easy steps to do it:


Step 1: Press the wireless button on the control panel of the HP printer. Now click on the WPS and follow the prompts available onscreen.


Step 2: Once you are prompted to the pin, just click on it and the WPS pin would appear on the screen.


Step 3: Now you need to access the configuration utility or wireless access point or software for the wireless router. Then you can just simply enter the WPS Pin in it.


Step 4: After completing this setup, install the network printer drivers. You can do this by opening folder of HP printer in all program, then printer setup and software. At last, just click on the option “connect a new printer” and you are good to go.


Following these above-mentioned steps can help you fix this problem without any hassle. If you are still facing any kind of difficulties then you can call HP support for the diagnosis of the issue that is arising in your printer.


Useful Links: HP Technical Help Number | HP Printer Technical Support