This is not hidden anymore that in today’s world, we are absolutely relying on technological inventions for accomplishing a majority of the tasks. Whether it’s sending important documents or buying something, we count on various gadgets that we have.


Why you need an HP printer?

In today’s technological world, most of the documents are sent and available in soft copy, still many important documents are required in hard copy. For taking out the printout, you need to have a computer and of course a printer too. HP is one of the esteemed companies that strive to offer trustworthy printers of superior quality without destructing your budget. Are you looking for the hp printer with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi? If yes, then you can buy it without going anywhere. You can order it online and after a few days of placing an order, it will be delivered to your place.


How Do I Connect My HP Printer to Bluetooth
How Do I Connect My HP Printer to Bluetooth


How to Connect the HP Printer to Bluetooth Device?

Some specific HP printers consist of a built-in hp printer Bluetooth setup radio that supports pairing with a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to permit wireless printing.


– Switch on the Bluetooth radio which is given on the printer. Then, click on the Bluetooth button, or reach to the Setup or Network menu to access Bluetooth settings. It is completely dependent on the model.

– Open the Bluetooth settings on the computer or mobile device and make a confirmation that the feature is enabled.

– An individual need to wait for the printer name to show in the list of discoverable devices, and then choose the printer to confirm that you want to pair the devices.

– Open a document or photo, open the Print menu, and then choose your printer to print.


Some HP Deskjet, Officejet, and Photosmart printers introduced in 2008 and previous support Bluetooth printing with a distinctly acquired Bluetooth adapter. Supported printers and HP Bluetooth adapters, like bt300 or bt500, are not available nowadays for purchase from HP. If you have a supported printer but do not acquire the adapter, then also you still might get it via an online auction or retail online portal.


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What is the first thing that appears on your mind when you think about your HP printer? Colorful images full of life, black and white documents or lots of scanning issues? Well, the last one might not be that appealing to you but there are some ways to overcome them.




How to resolve scanning issues of your HP printer?

While there are multiple ways to resolve the HP printer issues, we have come up with the easiest one. Here is what you can do to resolve the “scanner not working printer” issue of HP printer.


First: scan the issues

When you really want to troubleshoot the problem, then why not utilize automated solutions that are specially designed to help you through any problem. The scanner problem you are facing can be easily identified with any of the error message given below:


– Scan successful- no scanner found

– No computer found

– Scan to computer is unsuccessful – scan is no longer activated

– An error occurred while scanning the device


If you are witnessing any of the above error, then HP scan doctor can surely help you out with the problem.


Second: Use HP scan doctor

You can easily download and run this diagnostic tool to quickly resolve “scanner not working on mac” problem. According to the experts, the automation solutions provided by HP scan doctor and HP print are very effective to resolve a diverse range of printer scanning problems.


Third: Go for HP virtual agent

However, even after resolving the issues if you are still seeking some quick answers to some basic questions, then Hp virtual agent will help you. Be it queries like, how to scan your printer, how to scan a pdf, how to scan an email, etc. it will answer all of them.


In addition, feel free to contact HP Technical Help Number for round the clock expert assistance for your HP printer.


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Fix HP LaserJet Pro Printers Scanner Error 22

HP Printer Scanner Error 22


HP is one of the leading manufacturers of printers in the world. The printing devices of this tech behemoth are packed with world class features that are known to deliver fast quality printing and scanning tasks. Indeed, it is true that HP printers and scanners are one of the best in the industry but like any technical devices, they too have certain glitches.


One common error that needs immediate attention is the scanner error 22 that generally occurs in the laserjet printers of HP. This error appears on the screen on the control panel of the printer. This may be caused when extra pressure is applied to the scanner glass that causes inconvenience in the scanner mechanism. Here, we have prepared a list of troubleshooting guides that can help you to get rid of their error manually. So, let us have a look at them one by one.


Useful steps to Fix HP LaserJet Pro Printers Scanner Error 22



Here is the step by step guide that you need to follow in order to get rid of this error:


– First, you need to turn on your printer.

– Wait for at least one or two minutes until the printer is ready.

– After turning on the printer, detach the power cord from the back of the printer.

– Also, unplug the power cord from the printer.

– Now, wait for a minute or two.

– After that, you can plug the power cord back to the system.

– Next, reconnect the power the cord back to the printer.

– Now turn your printer on again.

– Again wait for the printer to be ready.

– Now you are all set to go and continue with your scanning and printing task.


Hopefully, all the steps mentioned above will surely help you to get rid of scanner error code 22 and that too quickly.  However, if the error is still persisting in your printer, then it is best advised to contact the experts. With the vast knowledge in this field, the highly-skilled professionals will make sure that all your issues are resolved in no time.


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Common Problems of HP Printers | HP Printer Support Phone Number

Few Problems of HP Printer Service USA


Today, we are all relying on the inventions of technology. Whether it’s about doing shopping or paying important bills, we take the help of technology. The printer is one of the technological inventions that help us to take the print out or hard copy of the required document. If your printer is unable to work properly, then feel free to call +1-855-219-8503 to hire HP Printer Technical Support Number USA. The tech support team will be always ready to help you and offer an instant resolution of your problem. Rather than panicking, call on the toll-free contact number.


The prospective seekers can conveniently get connected to the HP Technical Help Number as per their requirements. If you are facing the problems that are mentioned below, then you need to consult the customer care service.


o    The printer is unable to function with multiple PCs over a network

o    Not being able to switch on the printer

o    The printer is not able to render the quality print outs

o    The ink cartridge is showing error message as empty even when in reality, it’s not

o    Printer drivers need to be updated

o    Printing speed has diminished majorly

o    Print spooler is giving rise to problems

o    Paper getting stuck inside the printer

o    The performance of the printer is not up to the mark.


If you need to resolve the aforementioned issues, then feel free to call on the HP Printer Support Number USA +1-855-219-8503. Support team always makes every possible effort to resolve the seeker’s problems. In addition to this, if you have any queries, then the team will equip you with the most rational answer. Gone were those days, when you needed to hire the technician for every little problem related to your printer. Now, you can resolve many printer-related problems on your own at your home itself. You don’t need to go anywhere. All you have to do is call on the toll-free customer care number.


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HP is one of the leading tech brands in the world that manufacturers world-class printers. Packed with multi-functional features and latest technologies, the printers of this behemoth can provide fast prints without compromising the quality and lightning speed scanning.


HP printer is not scanning
HP printer is not scanning


There is no denying the fact that HP is a global leader in the printer market. However, like any other gadgets, its printers also have certain technical issues which make the users pull their hair out. One such common issue that needs immediate attention is the HP scanner not working on Computers and Laptops. Here, we have mentioned some troubleshooting guides that can help you in fixing the issue all by yourself. So let us get started.


Reasons for the occurrence of the issue

  • If the HP printer is not connected to the system, the user won’t be able to scan anything from their system. So, make sure that all the wires are properly plugged in.
  • There could be a connection issue in the printer that could result in this issue.
  • If there is a problem in the software of the printer which is installed in the system.


How to fix HP printers not scanning issue


  • Firstly, check whether the scanner of the printer is activated or not. For this, you can try activating the scanning part of your printer and resolve the time in no time.
  • After you have been enabled the scanning feature of your printer, then you need to open the HP scan software which allows the users to scan documents in no time.
  • While you are enabling the scanning software, make sure that you have disabled all other programs which are running in the background.
  • The reason for doing this is that it allows the system to function more smoothly and there will be no interruption while the scanning is on the process.


Hopefully, all the steps mentioned above will help you in resolving the scanner issue on your HP printers.  If your HP scanner is not working on mac, then you can try following the same steps as mentioned above. However, if you are still not able to fix the issue, then you can take the customer service help.


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Do you want to know how you can connect printer to computer wireless hassle-free? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Read this blog thoroughly and explore the relevant answer. Here you will get to know how you can link a wired Hp printer with your windows. Just follow these instructions and connect your device to your desktop. On the other hand, if you have any trouble regarding connections, then feel free to contact customer support number. The representatives will be ready to assist you with the relevant solution.


Follow these Crucial Steps to Connect Wired Hp Printer on Windows


Step 1

Keep the hp printer near to your desktop: Ensure your hp printer is quite near or feasibly near to the desktop so that wire can conveniently reach to it without struggling with any strains.

Step 2

Now Switch on Your Hp Printer: Turn on the power button of the printer. Before this, you must make sure that is plugged appropriately on the power source.

Step 3

Plug the Hp printer with your desktop by using the help of USB Cable: Often, simply plugging with the desktop can set the up the printer and prepare it ready for use.

Step 4

Press Start Button on Windows: Else, you can open start. For that, you have to select the extreme bottom left logo shown on the screen.

Step 5

Select Settings Button: This button is found in the lower left side of your Window.

Step 6

Press on Devices Button: After that, press on the button devices. This icon is available on the top side of the Settings Window.

Step 7

Click on Printers & Scanners Button: This icon will show on the left side of your window.

Step 8

Press on Add a printer or scanner Button: This button will be found at the top of the page.

Step 9

Click on the Printer’s name and select Add device icon: Doing this will let you know about the producer of your printer. If you are unable to find or view the name of your printer, then click on the button Add a printer or scanner and follow all the steps that will show on your screen.

Step 10

Follow all the steps available on-screen: Perhaps it is obligatory to modify your settings beforehand making your hp printer ready for processing. Therefore, follow all the on-screen necessary steps. After the completion of every step, it is ready to use. However, if you are unable to connect hp desk jet printer to wifi even after following all the guidance, then you can call on the customer service number. The representative equips you with the best solution.


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Technologies have made our work much easier whether you have to send your email or the way of connecting a printer to computer wireless. All can be done in a fraction of minute. Though it is a quite easier task yet those who are amateur on the computer device often find difficulties in connecting printer to their computer. If you want to make hp wireless printer setup with your personal computer, then read this blog. Here, we will discuss how you can do the connection without any hassle.


Follow Steps for connecting HP Printer to computer Wireless


Step1: Before connecting Printer to the computer make your internet connection is perfect. If you have any issues in the internet connection, then you can’t connect the printer with your computer.

Step2: After that, you have to connect the printer with your home network. For instance, if you are connecting a wireless printer, then you have to use the display screen of a printer to connect hp printer to Wi-Fi. Here, you have to select the name of wireless SSID and enter the secured password.


hp printer not connecting to wifi
hp printer not connecting to wifi


Step3: Once you have installed your printer, it’s time to connect with your computer. For that, follow these points.


– Open up the Control Panel. Here you have to click on the Start menu. Window 8 users can click on the button of Window and then type “Control Panel” from their keyboard.

– Here to select the icon named “Devices and Printers” or you can also select “View devices and printer” (with this you can view every device which is on the network)

– Select the option “Add a Printer”. And then after adding a network. It will be written on them wireless or Bluetooth printer. Choose the one which you are using. However, those who are window 8 users, they do not have to select anything.

– Select your Hp Printer which is present on the list.


Step4: Now, the printer is installed on your network, you can connect with your computer. The direct connection of your personal computer has been done with your hp printer.


These are the steps you can follow for making a connection. If you still getting any difficulty while making a connection, then hire outlook technical helpline. Their professionals will sort out your issues without making any delay.


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